We detect the heavy metals in coal ash (online and in realtime)

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Coal ash spills and the draining of coal ash ponds are having an huge negative effect on the surface water bodies in that area.

Coal ash contains a lot of extremely dangerous and harmful heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic, that will settle in the water and on the bottom of a river or a creek.
In case of a weather event those heavy metals will then time in time again be released into the water having an negative impact on water quality and thus on wildlife, recreation and even drinking water.

SecureWaters has developed the Generation4 AquaSentinel Water Security Sensor that can detect those (and other) contaminants.

The sensor provides government, cities, municipalities, industry and utilities with an online and realtime detection mechanism. It does not need reagents or consumables and therefor provides a “hands-off” sensor.

Using the photosynthetic process of algae that are present in surface water, the AquaSentinel can detect algal bloom, herbicides, heavy metals, neurotoxins, hydrocarbons, pesticides, organophosphates, blood agents and alkaloids.

When the sensor detects the onset of a pollution it sends an alarm through our cloud based Water Quality Monitoring Dashboard and it can automatically take a watersample for further analysis.

Because of the scalability of the Water Security as a Service the AquaSentinel can be deployed as a part of a Water Security Grid with multiple WaterSecurity Sensors.
All it needs is power (which can also be provided by a solar or wind solution) and an internet connection.



If you’d like to know more about our new Generation4, or the toxins we can detect please feel free to send us an email: info@securewatersinc.com