Water: structural demand growth creates investing opportunities

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As the world’s population continues to grow, countries urbanise and economies expand, demand for water is continually rising, exerting pressure on how this increasingly scarce global resource is managed. The private sector is responding to these challenges – companies are at the forefront of improving water management systems, alleviating supply constraints and ensuring that the water keeps flowing when and where it is needed.

Source: Fidelity Middle-East

Water – and its use in industry, agriculture and the home – is a universal investment theme that offers opportunities across diverse supply chains, industries and geographies. Although water is a renewable resource, the rate of water use and demand growth is increasingly threatening to outpace the rate of water renewal. Ground water stores and river basins can become depleted and polluted through intensive use, urbanisation and mismanagement. The challenge for the global water industry is to mitigate and manage the risks that can threaten water supply, devastate communities, interrupt production or energy generation, and undermine the prospects for economic growth.

Companies in the global water industry, which is estimated to be valued at over $300 billion,1 provide essential services and products. Where water is scarce, companies process seawater at desalination plants to make it fit for drinking, others recycle wastewater for industrial applications, while others seek to capture rainfall. Engineers and scientists are collaborating on myriad innovations – such as water-efficient seeds and crops in the field of agricultural technology – to ease the pressures on water demand.

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