Our Water Security as a Service solution enables real-time and cost-effective Water Security, Monitoring and Surveillance. 

WSAAS (Water Security as a Service)  offers many advantages over building your own network of real-time Water Security Sensors. It’s full flexibility and is easy to scale, you do not have to invest upfront and and at the maintenance a service side of things; The unique SecureWaters’ Water Security Sensor used in the sensor network needs no chemicals or reusable’s.

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Water Security Sensor(s)

The sensor(s) itself is/are supplied at no charge. Every sensor is supplied with a normal power supply, a WiFi, LAN, or HSPA communication board. Other communication boards (like Iridium Satellite Comm) are also available but at a different price. Antenna’s are included per comm/service. The sensor is mounted in a waterproof housing.


Obviously the majority of the installations will be carried out by Reps/Certified Installers. We can help them to figure out what kind of installation we think should be covered with this installation fee. After all it is our product that they are bringing to the customers.

Online Dashboard and Mobile Apps

The basic Online Dashboard will be set-up to display the data of the sensors included in the package. The mobile app will do exactly the same

Realtime Alerts

The platform supports Realtime Alerts. This way the person who is technically or organizationally responsible for the packages will receive immediate notifications when an alarm has been detected. The notifications will be sent with an email or a text message.



Once a year the filters have to be cleaned (unscrew the filter bowl and rinse it out) and the Algae Analyzation Chamber (AAC) has to be replaced.

Software Updates

To keep all sensors in the field up-to-date all software updates will be done automatically (and remote) from our systems.

Service and Support

Securewaters provides technical support to help end-users and installers to solve problems as soon as possible. We do not want the on-site replacement of parts of the sensor because we can not guarantee the working of the system. Instead Securewaters will ship a replacement unit to the site.


Securewaters will make sure that sensors will be installed and serviced by certified installers.

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Data from your Water Security Sensor network is available from any device and from any location with an Internet connection.
Pay per month, year or more
Online dashbard and apps, Muli user levels and easy integration with third aprty platforms.
Painless Upgrades SecureWaters manages all updates and upgrades. There are no patches for customers to download or install.
No need for customers to add hardware, software, or bandwidth as the user base grows.
The popularity of  our Water Security as A Service application is steadily increasing because it simplifies deployment and reduces customer acquisition costs.