The SecureWaters team brings a wide range of experience and knowledge. We share a passion for cutting edge technology, innovation and water. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Ray Slatton – CEO

As CEO of SecureWaters Ray Slatton brings 35 years of experience in Business Management and Development into our company. Before starting SecureWaters, he was President at Riverbend Construction Corp. and at Engineering Company Geotec Engineering. Ray holds a BA in Physics from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. Twitter Linkedin

Shawn Genung – CTO

Shawn Genung is the CTO of SecureWaters, where he leads research and product development activities. Before SecureWaters he was the CTO for GeoEnergy Enterprises. Shawn has a BS in Chemical Engineering, a MS in Industrial Engineering and New Product Development. And his MBA from the University of Tennessee. Twitter Linkedin

Wendell O’Reilly – CLO

Wendell has a strong background in all aspects of litigation from administrative hearings to final appeal. He has a great Passion for assisting entrepreneurs in new ventures and has a big interest in water regulations and the legal aspects of water. Wendell has a BA in History and Politics and studied Law at the University of Brunswick. Linkedin

Ken McKown – Lead Software/Network Engineer

Besides moonlighting as our muscle, Ken has over 30 years experience in software development and network engineering. His background includes Systems Programming, Embedded Software, Server Administration, SQL Database Development, Machine Level Programming, Network Design, Network Programming, Mobile Device UI Development and Disaster Recovery.

Jeroen Straver – Director of Product Management

Jeroen brings to SecureWaters more than a decade of experience in product management, solution development and logistics. He developed security solutions and logistics solutions for various European enterprises. Latest he was responsible for business process management at Holland Shipping. Twitter Linkedin

John Spotts, Chairman, Industry Advisory Board

John Spotts is the Chairman of SecureWaters’ board. He worked for 23 years in the Dept. of Public Works: Supt. for all wastewater operations. With advanced specialty adsorbents; responsible for new venture in India and Bangladesh for major arsenic groundwater issues; chemical production manager for bacterial reduction products. State of Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission: Co-Chairman, Fulton County District. Incorporated industrial wastewater consulting company at State of Georgia Industrial License. He has a B.S. Biology/Chemistry.