SecureWaters joins the WET Center in Fresno.

SecureWaters joins the WET Center in Fresno.

Fresno, CA, June 19 2014 – SecureWaters, a innovative water security technology company, joins the Water, Energy and Technology Center, the WET Center in Fresno, Ca. The WET Center will help SecureWaters to create visability in the Central Valley water ecosystem.

The Water, Energy and Technology (WET) Center, home to the Claude Laval Water and Energy Technology Incubator and the testing facilities of the International Center for Water Technology (ICWT), is providing an entryway for entrepreneurs, innovators and established and start-up businesses to accelerate commercialization, product and business launch and/or the development of practical application of new technologies.


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“By joining the WET Center SecureWaters receives the opportunity to work close with the WET Center network of entrepreneurs, businesses and other water related organisations. We are very enthusiastic to grow our footprint, evangelize our unique water security technology and develop partnerships in the Central Valley”.

SecureWaters develops and manufactures the AquaSentinel Water Security Sensor. The AquaSentinel provides smart cities, municipalities, industries and utilities with autonomous real­time monitoring of surface waters by continuously gathering and transmitting water quality data to the cloud. The AquaSentinel enables an intelligent response to accidental or intentional spills, terrorist attacks and natural disasters that adversely impact monitored bodies of water.