8 Key aspects of water security

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  • Access to safe and sufficient drinking water at an affordable cost in order to meet basic needs, including sanitation and hygiene, and safeguard health and levels of well-being;
  • Protection of livelihoods, human rights, and cultural and recreational values;
  • Preservation and protection of ecosystems in water allocation and management systems in order to maintain their ability to deliver and sustain functioning of essential ecosystem services;
  • Water supplies for socio-economic development and activities (such as energy, transport, industry, tourism);
  • Collection and treatment of used water to protect human life and the environment from pollution;
  • Collaborative approaches to transboundary water resources management within and between countries to promote freshwater sustainability and cooperation;
  • The ability to cope with uncertainties and risks of water-related hazards, such as floods, droughts and pollution, among others; and,
  • Good governance and accountability, and the due consideration of the interests of all stakeholders through: appropriate and effective legal regimes; transparent, participatory and accountable institutions; properly planned, operated and maintained infrastructure; and capacity development.

Source: United Nation, click HERE for the original content.