Drinking Water Week 2015

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It’s Drinking Water Week!

For more than 35 years the American Water Works Association has celebrated Drinking Water Week with its members.

In 1988, AWWA brought the event to the attention of the US government and formed a coalition along with the League of Women Voters, the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Rep. Robert Roe and Sen. Dennis DeConcini subsequently sponsored a resolution to name the first week of May as Drinking Water Week, and an information kit was distributed to the media and to more than 10,000 utilities. Willard Scott, the NBC Today Show weatherman, was featured in public service announcements that aired between May 2 and 8. The week-long observance was declared in a Joint Congressional Resolution and signed by then-President Ronald Reagan.

The team at Securewaters understands the importance of clean water. That is why we developed a sensor that constantly monitors our surface waters for pollutants.

The advantages of using SecureWaters’ AquaSentinel are huge.

By placing AquaSentinels along a river that is being used for a drinking water supply, water utility companies know at an early stage that there is a potential problem in the water coming down the river, which enables them to take preventive measures before the problem is at their facility. This reduces costs and risk for the consumer. The AquaSentinel does this without the use of consumables or reagents, 24/7 online and in realtime.


After all, everybody wants to have clean and safe drinking water.

Check out the site of the American Water Works Association for more information about Drinking Water Week.