SecureWaters joins the WET Center in Fresno.

The Water, Energy and Technology (WET) Center, home to the Claude Laval Water and Energy Technology Incubator and the testing facilities of the International Center for Water Technology (ICWT), is providing an entryway for entrepreneurs, innovators and established and start-up businesses to accelerate commercialization, product and business launch and/or the development of practical application of new technologies.

1.21 billion people, primarily depend on surface water sources

Four in five (78 percent) urbanites in large cities, some 1.21 billion people, primarily depend on surface water sources. The remainder depend on groundwater (20 percent) or, rarely, desalination (2 percent). The urban water infrastructure of large cities cumulatively supplies 668 billion liters daily. Of this, 504 billion liters daily comes from surface sources, and that water is conveyed over a total distance of 27,000 km.

The AquaSentinel is Water Security

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the AquaSentinel, developed by SecureWaters detects toxins and pollutants in your local lake’s swimming area, at the beach, your favorite fishing stream, or any place where water is exposed to sunlight and air – in any body of surface water.In short, the AquaSentinel is water security and the AquaSentinel will revolutionize the way we all perceive water quality – whether for recreational purposes (swimming and bathing) – or in the monitoring of our drinking water supplies – the AquaSentinel provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive and time-consuming sample-and-test methodologies. Because of our unique, proprietary technological innovations, we have been able to drive the manufacturing cost of the AquaSentinel to a point where it is “cost-effective” to deploy in what are called “sensor networks.”

SecureWaters Recognized as Semi-Finalist for 2014 Clean Technology Accelerator Program

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SecureWaters and the Cleantech Open Southeast Region announced today that SecureWaters has been recognized as a semi-finalist that will participate at the regional level in the 2014 Cleantech Open national accelerator program. SecureWaters was one of 22 companies to be selected among a diverse range of businesses in the Southeast region founded by innovative cleantech entrepreneurs.

Water is dynamic: monitoring is a must.

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The AquaSentinel, from SecureWaters, is a water security sensor that detects toxins and pollutants in all surface waters. Rivers, lakes, ponds and canals. It enhances the security of surface water bodies against environmental accidents, accidental spill and natural disasters. The Water Security Sensor from SecureWaters is easy to install and maintain. No need for expensive consumables, no technician oversight or hands on interaction.

New report examines water security in U.S. water scarce regions

“We have learned that new ideas emerge when we bring together experts with different experiences and perspectives,” said Lynn Broaddus, director of the environment program at The Johnson Foundation. “Getting out ahead of our water security challenges and achieving long-term sustainability of the nation’s water resources in the face of climate change, energy constraints, diminishing groundwater supplies, financial challenges, and other resource constraints is going to take a comprehensive and cross-sector approach to the issue.”

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