The AquaSentinel WaterSecurity Sensor detects algal bloom, toxins and pollutants in real-time and online. It monitors and measures the health of algae that occur naturally in all surface waters.

Monitoring the health of Algae

The AQS monitors the photosynthetic processes of the algae using light at specific wavelengths in order to see how those processes deviate from normal healthy algae.
Every minute or less, a fresh sample of algae is automatically loaded into the device and stress-tested with intense light which is then digested by the algae while the AquaSentinel observes this process.

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Toxin fingerprint

Specific toxins present in the water affect photosynthesis in specific ways and at specific points along the chemical pathway, and this results in specific characteristic curves which serve as fingerprints for those toxins. Each curve is compared against an online database of normal and toxic fingerprints and matched to the closest one.
A non-match to the expected normal curve triggers an alarm that an unknown substance is present in the water and affecting the algae. A close match to a stored toxin fingerprint triggers an alarm identifying the substance that is present in the water. In both cases, the AquaSentinel automatically discharges the tested water sample into a clean sample container so that it can be further tested in a laboratory.

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Installation and Use

The physical location of the AQS is always near or in the water. It can be mounted onto a wall or pole. And the AQS can be powered by traditional power, solar or batteries, while it can communicate through WiFi, Cell phone or satellite.
After powering the AQS, you can login online into your private AquaSentinel dashboard and manage users, alarms, notifications and other settings.
Data, user and api information from the AQS can be integrated onto 3rd party solutions such as security, process, mass notification or water management platforms.