The AquaSentinel is a real-time WaterSecurity Sensor that detects toxins, algal blooms and pollutants in surface waters.

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SecureWaters’ AquaSentinel WaterSecurity Sensor


The AquaSentinel uses green algae as a bio-sensor without the need of chemicals or consumables. It autonomously measures the fluorescence curve of algae existing in all surface waters and matches the result to detect a broad spectrum of toxins. 

The AquaSentinel Water Security Sensor is cloud enabled and can be installed at Rivers, Lakes and at the Ocean. Providing smart cities, municipalities, industries, governments and utilities with 24/7, online, real-time monitoring of surface waters.

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Detects toxins, pollutants and Algal blooms in all surface waters.


24/7 real-time and online security, monitoring and surveillance of surface waters.

Alarms and Notifications

Receive alarm, notifications and device status updates via e-mail, sms and in-app.


Manage sensors, users and locations from any device and any location.


Quick to install and easy to maintain. No hands-on interaction.

Chemical Free

Chemical free and without expensive consumables.

Environmental Friendly

Low power usage. Can be powered via solar, wind and batteries.


Integration with 3rd party sensors and security or water management systems.

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How it Works 

Learn more details about the technology and use of the AquaSentinel Water Security Sensor.

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Toxins and Pollutants Overview

A full overview all Toxins and Pollutants we detect. We keep adding toxins and pollutants frequently so check this overview regularly.
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All technical details of the AquaSentinel Water Security Sensor.
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