Our passion is Water. For some of us this passion started with boats, some love fly fishing and others long showers. But it’s the power of water and what’s in it that triggers us to passionately do what we’re good at.


We secure your water

Water’s everywhere and there’s loads of it. We need it to live and grow, but also for fun, transport and much more. There’s a lot we know about water and what it can do for us, but there’s even more we don’t know about it or don’t know for sure.
Our team wants to know as much as possible of water. They want to quantify the health of water and make that information accessible to everyone to secure and improve our waters. By making data accessible, we enable others to do what they’re good at, like providing healthy drink water, creating safe places to swim and of course preventing our environment to get hurt by things that don’t belong there.
We have the technology – and feel we’ve been entrusted with the responsibility to share it. As we mature the technology, we continue to discover how much more it can tell us.